by Helene Harder



Helene Harder is a young documentary film director who has worked in France and the United States.  In collaboration with Wendigo Films based in Paris, she has been following the unfolding adventure of Ladies’ Turn for over a year.  Her documentary film on Ladies’ Turn will premiere in 2012.


The Director

Using the Ladies’ Turn tournament as a starting point and following the people who invest their talent and their convictions in its success, the film seeks to expose both a Senegalese and international public to the determination of the players despite the difficulties and prejudices that they face. In Senegal as in many other countries, soccer is considered a sport for men, not women.  With the help of the Ladies’ Turn team, Senegalese girls fight to follow their passion for playing soccer all the way from small, neighborhood fields to the tournament finals in Dakar’s newest stadium.  They win a new visibility that may be a reflection of the role that women are increasingly forging in Senegalese society. By following the tournament’s matches and stories, the film plunges the spectator into a human adventure that will bring out the force, the contradictions, and the beauty of a Senegal open to the world and in constant evolution.

In the opposite is a five minute preview of the film that will premiere in 2011.

The Goal

Production: Hélène Harder - Wendigo Films

In order to bring women’s soccer on the big screen to as many communities in Senegal as possible, Ladies’ Turn documentary is now part of the national program « Ciné Kermesse » to show it in schools. We are also still partnering with Mobiciné Dakar.

On the international level, the movie has been awarded by numerous festivals in more than 15 countries. It brang back the Best Film Prize in London, the Public Prize at LFFF, the Golden Plume at the « Festival de Films documentaires de l'Ici et l'Ailleurs » as well as the Best Documentary Film Prize of « Festival Vues d’En Face » in France. In Senegal, it has been selected by the « Festival de Film Image et Vie 2013 » and broadcasted in June 0213 on the national channel RTS.

In 2014, a the 52’ version of the film has been broadcasted on TV5 Africa. It will be possible to watch it on ARTE the 16th and the 23rd of May 2014.

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The Ladies’ Turn Documentary continues its tour

Fiche technique:

Un film documentaire de 65 ' Produit par Alexis Taillant et Jeanne Thibord.
Avec le soutien du Centre National de la Cinématographie et du Ministère des Sports et de la Jeunesse en France.

Avec les membres de l'association Ladies' Turn :
Seyni Ndir Seck (Ancienne Capitaine des Lionnes du Sénégal)
Bassouaré Diaby (Sélectionneur de l’équipe nationale féminine )
Jennifer Browning
Gaëlle Yomi
Gervais Ndong

et les joueuses de :
- l'équipe de Yoff,

- l'équipe du lycée Ameth Fall de St Louis

- l'équipe de Koumbal (région de Kaolack)

Ecriture et réalisation : Hélène Harder
Image : Hélène Harder et Matthieu Cupillard 
Son : Codou Sen et Mahomet Thior 
Assistante de Réalisation : Laurence Atangana
Montage : Laurence Manheimer 

Musique originale : Floy Krouchi
Musiques : "Diebalou" de Fatim Sy et "Dana Mègne" de Njaaya, Abdou guité seck "Bess bi"