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Ladies’ Turn is run by a three strong, talented women, nicknamed the “triangle of fire” and supported by a dedicated team of both men and women.  The dynamism and success of Ladies’ Turn is due to our teams’ mix of nationalities, cultures, and backgrounds.

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The Triangle of Fire

The Triangle’s Supporting Staff

Seyni Ndir Seck, President. Seyni is captain of the Senegalese National Women’s Soccer Team.  Seyni’s life has always been about soccer and fighting to play it. She grew up playing with boys in her neighborhood of Yoff before she was able to find a women’s team to join. She is a powerful voice for women’s soccer in Senegal, fearlessly denouncing injustice and working to improve conditions for girls to play soccer. When not playing for the national team, she works for the national television station, RTS- Radio Télévision Sénégalaise as one of the few women sound engineers.

Jennifer Browning, Director.  Jennifer brings experience working on gender equality issues at the United Nations Development Programme first in New York and then in Senegal. She has also worked at the International Centre for Research on Women.  Soccer to her is more than just a sport. It is a way to reach across cultures, learn languages, and push boundaries, be it playing in Washington, DC’s first women’s soccer league for Public Schools, learning French on the field as part of the Université de Toulouse women’s team, or helping found a project to bring soccer to Senegalese girls.

Gaelle Yomi, Communications Manager. Gaelle has made her passion for sports her career by becoming one of Senegal’s few women sports journalists.  Originally from Cameroon, Gaelle lives in Dakar and writes for the newspaper Kotch. Ever vigilant that women’s sports get their share of media coverage, Gaelle throws all of her talent, energy, and willpower into seeing that Ladies’ Turn is followed by community and national newspapers, radio, and television. Her work ensures that Ladies’ Turn raises the visibility of women’s soccer throughout Senegal.

Bassouaré Diaby, Saint Louis Site Coordinator. Bassouaré is the Head Coach of the Senegalese National Women’s Team.  He is a pioneer of women’s soccer, starting Saint Louis’ first women’s team, Equipe Lycee Ameth Fall, where he also teaches.  They finished second in 2009 in the National Women’s Cup.

Assane Kara, Dakar Site Coordinator.  Assane is the Assistant Coach for the Women’s National Team.  In addition to helping the women Lions prepare for international competition, he has also coached numerous leading men’s teams in Senegal.  He ensures that everything runs smoothly on matchday, working with neighborhood men’s teams to prepare the field and coordinating all logistics.

Pourmeira Diop, Saint Louis Site Assistant. As captain of the Lycée Ameth Fall Team in Saint Louis, Pourmeira leads her teammates in officiating and arranging logistics for the matches in Saint Louis.  Pourmeira is a story in resiliency.  She was one of the Senegal’s best players on the National Women’s Soccer Team until she hurt her knee in 2005. While she could no longer compete at the international level, she continued to play injured for Lycée Ameth Fall until an operation was finally possible in 2009.  She is now training to reach her previous level of play.  She is also currently learning French since she did not complete school so that she can qualify to be a referee.

Gervais Kumak, Design Artist. Originally from Gabon, Gervais uses his artistic talent and his sense of creativity to promote women’s soccer.  In designing Ladies’ Turn posters and visual aids, he captures the energy of Ladies’ Turn matches and incites the onlooker into wanting to know more.  In this way, his art attracts a diverse public to Ladies’ Turn matches.

Raphaël Duée, Website Designer. Comming from France, Raphael volunteered his talents to design and update the Ladies’ Turn website, allowing Ladies’ Turn to tell its story and giving its players a place to relive the their successes as captured on film and photo.

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